Matrimony source code

Yes! it’s a 100% open source matrimony script we have to provide you open-source matrimony script with you’re one domain in that domain you have to customize the code as per your requirements.

The National Democratic Alliance:

for Purchase, open-source matrimony script wants to make NDA agreement. in that agreement mention the script used for a single domain only. in that domain, you have full 100% authority to modification only.

Confidential Information:

Matrimony Firm agrees that it will not, during the term of this Agreement and subsequently, improperly use, make the copies or adaption, illegal sale of the Matrimony Script provided by the Contractor without the prior permission of the Contractor under Section 52 of Indian Copyright Act, 1957.

Any changes or bugs shall be addressed absolutely free for 1 year of cost until it does not involve adding new modules that will be billable.

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